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Swarovski Remix Collection offer you virtually endless combinations

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City packed with contrasts and vibrations: these are the source of inspiration for the Swarovski Urban Fantasy Collection to the fall winter 2017/18. Urban Fantasy is the thinking behind creative director Nathalie Colin to accompany a lady of a thousand facets on the journey among fascinating towns. Here, modernity meets femininity, enjoyment becomes party and swarovski crystal sale courage is simply alluring.

The new Swarovski Urban Fantasy jewels. For autumn, contemporary architecture is interwoven together with organic lines and sinuous movements that offer a cool and each day sensuality accentuated by basic and soft tones. With this harmonious spirit, allusions to nature are reflected by way of a palette of colors coming from relaxing blue and swarovski watches uk sale green tones. SOME SORT OF city symbol that under no circumstances sleeps, lights inspire your lively winter collection. Electronic digital colorations, pixel motifs in addition to metallic shades of metalic give birth to gleaming creations.

Urban games plus virtual communications are viewed in fashion fashion by neon colors and projects inspired by emoji, considering the new version of standard Slake bracelet. The Holiday collection carries women in to a charming country of crystal wonders with sparkling as well as glamorous jewelery, with sophisticated gold, emerald and magic shades. The note is likewise summoned with swarovski earrings sale uk beautiful dark shades. Jolly fireworks inspired by celebrity shapes, geometric illumination as well as glamor of Swarovski DNA. The informal style is likewise reinterpreted. The revolutionary Swarovski Remix Collection redefines the brand new rules of jewelry along with encourages women to go to town.

A collection for loads of occasions. The invisible magnetic closures with the Swarovski Remix Collection offer you virtually endless combinations and new methods for wearing jewels. They turn out to be necklaces or chockers, necklaces or anklets. Every woman can change their style depending on the occasion. The Urban Fantasy collection accompanies the woman in new adventures, such as Christmas parties, office days and swarovski pen sale everyday life, appealing her to explore every facet of her design.

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