Sekundensparer- very easy way to get btc/ltc/euro with payment proof and tutorial

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Payout via: Paypal, Bitcoin,Bank Transfer, Amazon voucher
Minimum Payout: 0.001BTC

Click the LINK to Register for FREE:

Follow the Photo:

Step1.Translate  to English and Register


Step2.  Fill all the information.Click REGISTER

Step3. Click the German Flag. Right click the mouse>>> Translate to English.

A.Shoutbox - you can earn btc/ltc by just sending any message in the chatbox. Use English language  for USA flag, use German language for Germany flag to prevent ban

B. Listen Radio - limited countries can earn here. Only listeners from the following countries are eligible: Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, France, Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Ireland, Mexico, Spain, England and USA.

C. Call Action - pay per call

D. Members Advertise - your referral link located here

E. Surf Bar- you can earn klamlose/euro for each ads viewed

F. Begging Link - You can share this link to any social site and you can earn btc/ltc
Click here to JOIN NOW:


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