All Accessible Hairstyles in NBA 2k19

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Boosting your character's look is one of the most essential aspects of NBA 2k19, and before you begin working in their outfits, then you have to make sure their hair looks good. When you create your character for the very first time, you'll only have the ability to choose from a few essential hairstyles. However, as soon as you've performed through the prologue and get signed with a group, you will unlock the barber shop, in which you can choose from more hairstyles NBA 2K19 MT Coins , facial hair choices, and even hair color.


You can't preview the appearance alternatives, but we have taken some screenshots of all the accessible hairstyles present available in the game. You may check out the screenshots in the gallery below.


As you earn more VC, you will have a bit more leeway to experiment with the different look options and really create a personality that you like. And that is all you will need to know about hairstyles in the game for now.


New to NBA 2k19 is the ability to purchase accessories for your personality to make them look a little better and swankier if you are hanging out from the game's social space. But looking great comes at a price.


To be able to receive new accessories, you will need to buy them with VC, which may be quite tough to get, particularly if you're looking to put them into leveling up your stats rather than cosmetics.


To get accessories, go down the road and visit the clothing store opposite the barber shop and the NBA shop. From here, you will be able to try on an assortment of clothing items and accessories. You can get your character to try them and see how they look before purchasing reddit game discuss .


After purchasing your accessories, you can equip them, or head back to your MyCourt high rise attic and select your outfit from the assortment of clothing and accessories you've obtained so far. This ought to be a pretty welcome addition for gamers that are tired of seeing their character in the same gray slacks and brown top for so long now.

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