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Every business now has a website, having a website is critical for business to demonstrate their products, services and provide value for both their current and future customers. Building a great website is not enough, building a visible website is more effective.Being visible online means that your website shows in search results in visible position when customers search for keywords related to the products you sell. Sadly, over 90% of Google users do not scroll past the first page results. So it is a must to have your website showing up in the first page when Google user is searching for your products or services. Before explaining how stuff works in this area you need to understand how Google Engine operates to sort the results it displays and what are the different types of results you see on Google.Google engine is built to try and provide its users with the most quality and relative (correct) results for their search terms or search queries. So from Google prospective it always tries to rank websites to show the best websites related to the search term first In order to determine which websites are better and it is shown on top (at the first page). These results are called Organic Results, Results are called Organic because they are not affected by any paid ads to change their position or display order, only quality Score is calculated to sort websites. In order for Google to be a successful search engine, it should provide its user with the best results related to their search.


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